Peer Review / Risk Management

Plans and Specifications Review

COI’s Plans and Specifications peer review delivers a comprehensive review of the design and constructability of your construction project. Under the best circumstances COI partners with you during the project design phase in order to mitigate or eliminate the potential for construction “defects”, which often result in construction defect claims.

COI’s starts with reviewing the plans and specifications for conformance with applicable building codes, standards of practice, and location specific requirements. By reviewing the project plans and specifications, we are able to identify potential problem areas that have historically resulted in major causes of failure. Some of the more prevalent construction defect producing areas of the construction process are the result of improper design and/or the non-compatibility of materials. The most expeditious time to identify, address and mitigate these potential problem areas is prior to finalization of the project specifications, typically during the design phase.

Cost Estimates Review

COI will review your cost estimates to uncover potential cost and scheduling liabilities that will be detrimental to the project’s budget and/or the completion schedule. We will offer professional observations based on our vast international experience, but will also help uncover the hidden impacts that will not be as evident from the designers or owners perspective. With COI assisting your team, you will be safe from all the unforeseen cost impacts, schedule delays and budget losses.

Contract Review

Although the ultimate goal is always a problem-free project, in the event a dispute does arise during or after a project, the rights and remedies of the customer, contractor and subcontractor (and potentially others involved in the project) will be determined by the terms of the agreement(s) between the parties. Ultimately, a judge, jury or arbitrator will use the contract as a road map to reach a decision they believe to be consistent with the parties’ pre-dispute expectations and agreements. If you don’t have your contract reviewed by experienced team of professionals with decades of combined experience prior to signing, you run the risk of being in a disadvantaged position in the event such a dispute does arise. COI’s team of experienced contracting specialists will review and tailor the review services to meet your specific needs with the goal of minimizing your risks, rather than spending significantly more time, money and other valuable resources in litigation fighting over issues that could have been clarified or potentially resolved prior to entering into the agreement.